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  • Hi, Yu-tong! :hug: That's okay; I know you've been really busy.

    Sometimes my parents and I go traveling for Christmas. I think we're going to stay home this year, but maybe we'll go to San Francisco for a day. Do you do anything special for Christmas?

    College gets harder for me, so I have to stay focused each year. But I see what you mean; once you know what you're doing, you feel like you can spend more time having fun and not work as hard. :lol: For some people, the schoolwork becomes too much, so they don't do as well in their classes. :\

    I've been doing pretty well. Final exams are next week, so I'm nervous. :anxious: How have you been?

    Ooh, I've actually never heard about Look Back in Anger. I just searched for it, so I'll listen to it when I can. A crazy man, eh? :lol:

    Me too, I'm really enjoying the second series of The Hour! I've only seen the first two episodes so far, but it's still just as great as the first series. The mystery looks really interesting.
    It's fine. :)

    Ah nice! Haha, that's usually the same with me. :lol:

    Changed it about a week ago. He's very awesome indeed.
    I finally got round to watching The Hour, he's brilliant in it. :dazzled:

    I'm fine thanks, been really busy with exams that I have soon. How are you? :)
    Hey Yu-tong! Sadly, I haven't watched a lot of Andrew Scott's work, partly due to work and other things that need to be watched first. :wreck: I have some radio plays somewhere I think but it'll take me a while to find them because I had to replace my hard disk drive and everything's still on an external HD. I'll let you know when I find the files ;)

    Have a nice day yourself!
    you're welcome

    try Blackpool, brilliant show it features also David Morressy (new doctor episode) and Steve Pemberton (League of Gentlemen)
    Cassanova, awesome thing!
    Single Father, what he did right after DW I loved the children :lol:

    haha well I have exams now so I don't think I'll be here that much but I'll see you
    I JUST GOT YOUR LETTER !!! :D :D :D Thank you very much ! :D I love the drawing! <3 The Chris Strawberry Swing is awesome! You're welcome for the confetti it was a real pleasure to send it :) See you soon :)
    Yes it is David Tennant :dazzled:

    Gosh, well he's playing a lot of Shakespeare. He did Hamlet (movie and stage production) and Much Ado About Nothing But actually I'm not sure if he did more Shakespeare ...
    Wish I could tell you more about Tennant/Shakespeare but that's pretty much all I know.
    And I'm trying to get myself into Shakespeare actually :p
    Happy (late) Birthday! :D

    I've seen a few clips of CSI or shows that are very similar to CSI. But wow, Criminal Justice sounds really amazing. Seems like it really makes you think.

    That's a lot of classes you're taking! :shocked: It's normal to feel that way. A bunch of my friends and I get so stressed over projects and tests sometimes. It's good that you work hard! :smiley: Just don't work too hard to the point where you get stressed, though. :uhoh:
    Hey Yu-tong!! Happy birthday or happy belated birthday! (I cannot figure out international time to save my life)
    As promised, my Sherlock drawing!
    Hi there!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!! I wish you a lot of joy, peace, and happiness on this special day of yours!!!!!

    (i don't know if we've met before but my name is mary...what's yours?)
    :lol: I think some Japanese cartoons are quite weird. :p

    Sure, you probably know most of my favourites already, though :lol: they are: Sherlock, Doctor Who, House, Torchwood, Merlin, The Office, QI. :) What's yours?

    I agree, House is really interesting. There's so many episodes and seasons though, took me ages to watch. :lol:

    Ah, no I haven't watched it yet, I keep seeing it being advertised for the second series that start soon, so I'm going to have to try and watch it before it starts!

    Haha, just watch everything with Tom Hiddleston in! :D
    Hahaha, well, if you ever go to Japan, at least people will know your name. Two of my friends are learning Japanese right now and are obsessed with Japanese culture. I only know how to say "thank you", "good morning", and "idiot". :lol:

    Yeah, I'm an ABC (American-born Chinese :lol: ). Aaahhh, I've never seen that movie. My parents might have. :thinking: It's been such a long time since I've watched a Chinese movie.

    I have listened to Cock (mainly because of Andrew Scott and Ben Whishaw, haha). It's such a sad play! I agree, the voice acting was fantastic. I need to find the time to listen to it again.

    Ooh, tell me how Criminal Justice is! That's one of the things of Ben's that I still need to watch.

    Good luck on your midterm! Which class is it for?

    I'll PM you my FB. :nice:

    For the application to a technical high school, I have to have an art portfolio and in it will be two Sherlock drawings: Sherlock himself and the I O U apple!
    Ah. What are you taking?

    School now is so much... Homework then orchestra then practice and then everything else... .-.
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