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    why hymn for the weekend doesn't perform well inchart like other second single?

    This thread was created VERY prematurely. The song is now top10 or top5 in all the relevant countries (chart wise) and it's still climbing many charts. It hasn't been released in the USA yet, that's why it's not on the radio, hence why it's not currently on the charts.
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    Donate to The Coldplaying $1.36 Project!

    Done! Great cause Edit: not sure why it isn't working for me. Just got an email that my credit card is invalid (I just used it few hours ago) I tried another card and it didn't work either. I tried donating a symbolic $1.36 but the page was stuck, so I changed it to $2 and it worked but still...
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    Mackplay for Best Twitter & Best Avi

    Vote for me :dazzled: Twitter: @mcktll (Mackplay) Edit: Best Twitter is no longer a category. Nevermind. Best Avi tho :heart:
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    A Head Full Of Dreams Unboxing - #MyHeadFullOfDreams

    I hope this was creative enough :D
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    Is Ghost Stories About Nutella?

    I was smiling so hard when he said he loved Nutella. I didn't even think of this thread
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    [2015-11-26] Chris Martin Interview with Zane Lowe (Beats 1)

    Confirmed. You can listen if you have Apple Music He makes the announcement after the first song which happens to be AOAL
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    Coldplay and Chris Martin Open Up for New Album - WSJ Article

    I think Coldplay will probably give us ATOBTTH 2.0 when they are much older. Bands tend to go back to their first albums sound when they are in thier 50s and 60s
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    Hymn for the Weekend

    I think there is a difference between "programming" and "producing" so Avicii's role is probably very minimal
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    Hymn for the Weekend

    I don't think they will release another single before the album since AOAL video will be released a week before the album release. My guess is the second single will be officially released in January or February
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    [2015-11-21] TIDALXCOLDPLAY Presented by KROQ (Tonight 20:30 LA, 04:30 UK)

    If you are signing up via an iDevice, you don't have to re enter them again because Apple has them already.
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    [2015-11-21] TIDALXCOLDPLAY Presented by KROQ (Tonight 20:30 LA, 04:30 UK)

    It's safe to sign up for the free trial. I did back in August and I cancelled on time. Just disable the automatic payments after signing up.
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    [2015-11-21] TIDALXCOLDPLAY Presented by KROQ (Tonight 20:30 LA, 04:30 UK)

    The show will only be streamed to Tidal subscribers. I asked them personally. You can sign up for a free trial. I did that in August and all I had to do was to disable the automatic payments. They didn't charge me a dime.
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    LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

    WHAT THE FUCK is this thread?
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    [2015-11-21] TIDALXCOLDPLAY Presented by KROQ (Tonight 20:30 LA, 04:30 UK)

    Tidal was still giving away tickets on Twitter today. Keep an eye on that too
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    [2015-12-07] Coldplay on The Late Late Show with James Corden

    This doesn't make much sense. They usually tape in the afternoon then air it in the evening. This explains why Billbord said the AMAs performance was going to be the first US televised performance of AOAL. I hope we at least get the video this Friday.
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    Hymn for the Weekend

    This is supposed to be a Pop album, I don't understand why are most people in the forum still expecting some Rock songs. There might be some Rock songs but I wouldn't set my hopes high up. I think we should expect Pop songs with Rock influences like Adventure.
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    AHFOD Music Chart / Sales STATS & FACTS Thread

    If you remember last year, I made the Ghost Stories Chart thread I will try to post chart related stats here for AHFOD
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    AHFOD Music Chart / Sales STATS & FACTS Thread

    At its peak, AHFOD was #1 in 41 countries simultaneously. If it wasn't for 25, 1D and Ellie Goulding who just released her album, that would've been doubled. They were #2 or #3 in many countries