1. ThatGirlMyra


    Hi! I had no idea there was a whole forum dedicated to Coldplay, so I had to make an account when I saw one. My bio states most of my personal opinions about Coldplay, so I'll just state one fact: I absolutely adore them! Anyway, thank you for stopping by to read this, and hello to you all!
  2. FrankSchepers

    New registered Coldplay songs!

    Hey Guys, So this whas just a post from me to announce that a song whas added to the repertory of Johny somewhere in April. But I decided to edit it to a post where we can all share our thoughts on new registered songs and bump each other if a new song got added. You can check if a new song...
  3. ChristopherM

    Hello from Scotland

    hello everyone, I’m a huge fan and grew up listening to Coldplay and had always meant to join the fan website. I’m looking forward to lots of discussions Chris
  4. KaranShah

    Hello fellow-coldplayers! :D

    Hi, My name is Karan and I live in Toronto. I'm a huge follower of Coldplay and I always wanted to join a community filled with coldplayers :) I also have a YouTube channel where I post piano covers (mostly of Coldplay!), looking forward to interact with y'all here. If you live in Toronto as...
  5. Osaka Sun

    What is your Favourite Coldplay Song and why?

    i honestly have tonnes of faves - so many that i cant choose just one to be my sole fave so one of my favourites is ink: its by far my fave song from ghost stories and cheers me up whenever i need it, the melody played by the guitar throughout makes the whole song more uplifting and paired...
  6. RealRece

    I never joined this site years ago... Big mistake!

    I really wish I had joined this site years ago. I have been browsing here and there but never actually joined the site for some weird reason. Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself :) My name is Rece, and I absolutely love Coldplay! I've been spending the past year or so learning Coldplay...