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Did anyone saw this ???!!!!

it’s quite disappointing to have only full 8 songs.

Very interesting.


I love how everyone was complaining about too many interludes/voice memos compared to the number of full songs but now that they aren’t short interludes, people are complaining the proper songs are too short. Lol.

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You have to keep in mind, though, someone said that they recorded these songs in just a couple sessions. If that's true, it would make sense why a lot of the songs are relatively short. I would've preferred interludes and longer songs like MX does but on the other hand, I love U.F.O. and Don't Panic. Both classics, for sure.


According to Wikipedia, these track times add up to 52:51.


I'm not surprised that Daddy is a full song. Remember they had considered it as the first single?

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I have no problem with short songs. Tierra Whack's album from last year had only 15 one-minute long songs and it said more in those 15 minutes than a lot of albums do in one hour. Hell, most of The Beatles' biggest hits are under 3 minutes! Length ain't a measure of quality, folks! ;)

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Is anyone really surprised by Arabesque being the longest song on the album? At almost 6 mins in length, it is literally one of their longest songs ever... (excluding songs with hidden tracks) And for a pop-rock band, 2-4 minute songs are pretty standard. I’m just glad we’re getting a few more near-5 minute songs.

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Did anyone saw this ???!!!!

it’s quite disappointing to have only full 8 songs.

This looks interesting. I don't consider an interlude any song over one minute in length. I do think we may get some "demo" style tracks in this record. More acoustic songs maybe.


Also, one of my favourite Coldplay songs is "Parachutes" and it is only 44 seconds long.

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Once again, great production there, mixing and mastering wise. I don't know what changed, but there is no more usual muddiness that I came to expect from Coldplay after MX and AHFOD. A bit brickwalled, sure, but also very polished and crunchy, analog sounding.

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I'm not too worried about songs that are only a couple minutes long. Puts more pressure on the band to make the track memorable when they only have 2 and a half minutes to work with. Don't Panic is great and it's only 2:17. *shrug*


It may be unrelated.... But "Aiko" from the MX era is 2:25 and Eko is 2:37 according to that leak.....


Could they perhaps be related somehow? The same track re-recorded?

I remember thinking this as soon as I saw the name "Eko." Could just be a new spelling, if Aiko is supposed to be pronounced "Ay-koh." I'm not counting on it, but I hope I'm wrong!

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The news on this album just keeps on coming! Too fast at that, as I was planning to get on here earlier so I wouldn't have a million people to reply to, but alas that was in vain, because there's been several pages of posts since my last. AND I feel inclined to share my thoughts on "Guns" and the track lengths.



This preview has me hyped (like surprisingly some of the Oldplayers on here:).


Basically, this song is the final confirmation that there is not one experimental side (presumed to be Sunrise) and one conventional side (Sunset). The songs and sounds are gonna be all over the place. Man, am I HYPED for this album right now.


I'm overhyped.


Not that I wasn't super hyped upon hearing the first few seconds of Arabesque, but this sets it in stone that we aren't gonna get a sappy poppy relatively overproduced happy-go-lucky outing from the boys unlike last time around. As it that wasn't obvious with the reveal of the album's collaborators, but to hear even more previews only keeps bringing the hype level up. The blend of the fast paced dark style and the acoustic feel of the track really has me wondering what will be next..... the EL era has proven itself to be unpredictable thus far, so there's really no telling what's coming next, and that's the really fun part. I also think their choice of the snippet is really good, while it's highly likely it's the intro of course it might be edited to include the "STOP" at the end, which might actually be the end of the song (or be both a "stop" in the middle of the song and at the end) considering two songs so far have abrupt endings. I'm really digging the vibe of the snippet itself as well: it's dark, it's fast paced, and it's acoustic, which don't come together all that often, and I applaud Coldplay for continuing to throw original curveballs our way in this era.


Poitically Speaking:

Now I notice some people are complaining about the somewhat overt political tones in some of these songs. I can understand that some people just don't like politics (which is a very respectable position) and use music as an escape from the turmoil of the current state of our world. I completely get where they're coming from, and to each their own. However, a few have noted on here that Coldplay (and musical artists in general, *ahem*Rage Against The Machine*ahem*) produce their best material when they turn politically conscious (Politik, Violet Hill (and pretty much all of VLV), Arabesque, A L I E N S, etc.):


The idea that music and politics should be kept separate is a rather baffling one to me.


Some of the greatest music I've ever heard was inspired by political events


Personally, I'm all ears. Coldplay and Chris Martin have been increasingly involved in global issues throughout their career, and they've kicked it into overdrive over the last few with Global Citizen and such. I think they've always been politically conscious, but by actually getting involved and touring the world, the bad and ugly of it is really starting to hit them firsthand , And this definitely isn't a bad thing, both for them as people and the quality of their music. If you're just carefree and happy, that's fine and all, but remember Yin and Yang. Heck, a story with no obstacles or challenges to overcome that doesn't go anywhere is extremely boring, and that's somewhat why many people disliked AHFOD: there wasn't nearly enough darkness in the album. So it kind of surprises me to see people disliking the political aspects of the album (and just having a conversation about it now when we've known for a while that this album has teeth and is about political and world issues), when that's probably what's inspiring Coldplay to create the darker music those same people seem to long for. As @Miha said, their involvement with Global Citizen has likely played a major role in this album, and that's not necessarily a bad thing all around.


Tracklist Lengths:

This wasn't what I was expecting at all. I thought several of the songs were going to be around a minute long and that several of the tracks were actually meant to directly lead into other tracks (which is completely pointless to split them up like that), but given the length of the only two songs on the album less than two minutes I can't foresee this. Several of the songs are under 3 minutes, which both excites me in a way that I wonder what they're going to do experimenting with a shorter format, but then again I like long evolving progressive songs as well, and that's definitely something that won't be a part of this album mostly, unless they've "portioned" them down, which I can't see. If they're becoming more mature in that department, I can't see what should be a single song being split down into separate tracks.) A few tracks of the album are longer songs, so it is nice to see we'll have a mix at least. I guess a hit in length had to be taken somewhere, but this might not be a bad thing.


That’s it I’m not gonna listen to any song from this album again till the album release.


I wish I had this willpower like you Am envious. :joy:


This could be Coldplay's Abbey Road.

I'm overhyped.


Yes, you might very well be overhyped, don't set the bar too high lol.

Btw, wasn't that VLVODAAHF? :joy:


Hmmm guess I'm not that excited for Guns after that preview, that's def a style of music I'm not into. But maybe the song has a change somewhere and it actually takes me by surprise.


Wow, that's something I didn't expect to hear. To each their own though!


This wouldn't have been included as a bonus track 10 years ago!


IDK about that..... remember Ghost Story and Moving to Mars?


I feel like they wouldn't have posted the teaser for Guns unless it's a single right? So maybe a single tomorrow/friday?


Very possible!


I got a notification too. It seems to me they reuploaded the "Guns" preview video so the older link got erased.


Hopefully they didn't upload the full Guns by accident, and we're not missing out- oh wait I'm supposed to keep myself away from any and all previews until the album releases, which I know won't happen as I'll likely be finding the snippets of the other songs that have been teased, and if the album leaks I'm jumping on that :joy:


Looks like Chris reeeeally meant it when he said the band are pretty confident saying whatever the fuck they want to say now, with no fear of backlash.


This song will rustle a few jimmies for sure.

I dare say there are places in the world where this song won't resonate with people. And I love it.


I'm glad they've grown into the fact that not everybody will like them (as if that wasn't obvious already), and they're taking advantage of that with being more vocal in their music. Many places in the world still have vehemently disrespectful views whether they like to admit it or not, including some of the places that Coldplay have toured to. I would say that it would be "interesting" to see how they react, but seeing as Coldplay's not doing a massive world tour this time around it'll probably be fine. I just wonder when they do a massive tour again, if they play any of these songs how some might react. But I guess this isn't the first time they've played these kinds of politically charged songs in places with questionable morals, so it's most likely fine.


Saying it in your face would be "We need less guns."


*Non-sarcastically. I think both ways are fairly in your face lol


But there’s only one interlude, so there’s 15 full songs.


Depends on your definition of an "interlude". I know @Jdckcom says any track under a minute, and it seems like you have a different opinion, but there's really no way to tell without hearing the track for itself to see if it qualifies as an interlude proper or not. I think a more accurate way of saying it would be a rather short song, which I consider to be under 2 minutes. IIRC there's only 2 of those on the album so I think we're fine. I consider an interlude to be more of a "bridge" between songs or sections of songs, so there can be very short standalone songs, and also very long interludes. Then there's the intros and outros that might be separated.


Doesn't mean 4 tracks will be full voice memos. Remember that both Arabesque and EL begin with a memo.


That's what i was saying in my previous post, I was hoping that either some would be combined into a single track or like Arabesque and EL be used in a real song somehow (although I guess I figured that was unlikely because of how many songs there were and the length of the album, but I guess already 2 have memos as intros, so it wouldn't be impossible that there's more, just that being 16 tracks there's likely to be a couple that were short, and now we see that)


glad I correctly predicted wotw/potp to be interlude


Gratz. As for me.....


Arabesque is indeed the longest song on the album


Correctly predicted by me!


I love how everyone was complaining about too many interludes/voice memos compared to the number of full songs but now that they aren’t short interludes, people are complaining the proper songs are too short. Lol.


Not sure what I'd prefer TBH. Usually I like longer songs, but there are some damn fine short songs, and I'm excited to see where Coldplay takes having a majority of the songs as being shorter (but the "interludes" being longer).


It seems the new way to release singles is 1. Announce album 2. Start rolling out singles on spotify every week 3. Put them on the top of your streaming service in one collection (or EP) 4. See the streams pour in.


Basically every time I've listened to EL on Spotify it will instantly go to Orphans then Arabasque and I sigh, realizing i Just listed to more than i intended.


I do wish they wouldn't release half the album in advance, but at the same time I understand the marketing logic behind doing so.


Remember that Chris said the band doesn't really care about commercial success anymore, and I think they've done a great job this era so far of being unique in their marketing. It's possible that you're right and he was half just saying that to hint towards the album's sound (and obviously they wouldn't be rolling into experimental territory if they were fully focused on success), or worse that they're being made to do this by their label (which I can't really see, as they've had lots of success and they're an aging band, which would lend towards the label letting them get creative).


On a side note... In most places in the world right now it's the 6th of November.


There's 16 days left until the release.

There's also 16 'songs' on the album.


Could we be getting a preview a day for the next 16 days?


Not likely. We've already heard 3 full songs, and snippets of other songs which might have been unofficial teases. That being said they might do something like the AHFOD era where they release a snippet from every song, even songs that have already been heard. Not sure about the time intervals but you might be right. If it is a song per 16 days like you suggested it would have to be out of order, or starting with Sunset because obviously Guns isn't the opener, and it seems like the snippets are longer than AHFOD's 10 second snippets or so. You might be right that they'll eventually tease all the snippets of the song, but I wouldn't say it would be over the next 16 days. I think it's more likely that another single is on the way.


Finally a GOOD and meaningful interview on Everyday Life ! I recommend you all to watch it.




This goes to show Chris is very much capable of going deep rather than just making fun...if the interviewer asks the right questions.

Unfortunately, most interviewers I've seen recently tend to go for shallow questions/joking around etc rather than unearthing meaning.


And of course, "news" outlets prefer a headline like "New Coldplay album inspired by partying in Vegas and Game of Thrones" to something more meaningful. I doubt anyone will publish an article on THIS interview.

This is so fucked up.


Just a heads up, the same interview was posted a page before the page you posted it on. That being said, I completely agree with you. This is a surprisingly good interview, considering it's 2019 and interviews and news outlets are just getting progressively more shallow.


I am guessing the leak could be near because many people are starting to have access to the album.


Where did you get this information from? I haven't heard any information about leaks or people gaining access to the album thus far.

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It may be unrelated.... But "Aiko" from the MX era is 2:25 and Eko is 2:37 according to that leak.....


Could they perhaps be related somehow? The same track re-recorded?

Well, Aiko is indeed an unreleased song that was spotted in their studio during the MX sessions. I think though that the audio of the song that is known across the fanbase as Aiko was never officially called that way. I read somewhere that this is just a reprise of Major Minus. So maybe Éko is related to Aiko, but we don't know how the original Aiko sounds like in the first place.

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Yeah I have the same question about short tracks. Are they for making money in the streaming age? Or is it truly a creative decision by Coldplay to distill songs down into tasty morsels or better "portions" as Chris said.


I mean, probably the money right? But personally, so long as those songs flow well and really are packed with good stuff, I'm totally fine with it. Like if the first two minutes of ETIAW was just that, I'd still love it because the next two minutes basically just repeat the formula...

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Does someone have the full interview Chris did with Radio.com today ? I'd love to listen to it but whenever I try to access the Website it's down. Would appreciate if someone could share it thanks ! Cause apparently Chris said something about Oprhans having supposed to have been on LP9. I would like to hear the direct quote...

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