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  • "Limit to Your Love" was what really got me into him, too. "Measurements" is one of my favorites. :heart: I really wasn't expecting him to release an album so soon, seeing as he was so busy in 2011. (Debut album, "Enough Thunder" EP, "Love What Happened Here" EP, "Order/Pan" single...there was so much) I'm super excited for this, and if "Retrograde" is any indication of what is to come, this will be a top-notch album for 2013.
    I got you into James Blake? How'd I manage to do that? :lol:

    Glad you like both my avatar and James Blake in general. I've kinda gotten hyped onto him again after hearing "Retrograde." UGH SO GOOD. :dead: I fell absolutely in love with his self-titled debut, and I have high hopes for "Overgrown." APRIL, GET HERE FASTER. :bomb:
    I think it's more about, "Hey, he's a manly man, and he uses this cologne, so you should, too." That's how most men's ads work, I think.
    Yep, that's him. I haven't seen "Children of Men," yet, but I'll get there eventually.

    The way he looks at you? Is he supposed to look any other way? :thinking: The pic is from a photoshoot of ads for a cologne he was promoting, so that might have something to do with it.

    Yep. :wacky: Don't get me wrong. I still love Christian Bale very much, as I do many other people in my dream team. Clive's just in the forefront at the moment. I can't really say why; it just happens, I suppose.
    I'm currently trying to educate myself on music, cos not too long ago, the only bands I knew were Coldplay, Radiohead, Muse etc. and it's a bit embarassing to not know where these bands' roots are. :disappointed:

    I'm working my way backwards so right now most of my favorite bands are from the '80s and '90s. I have a particular obsession with Blur and Duran Duran. :wacky:

    That was very uninteresting, but I dunno, personally I like hearing about who people are. And you? :wacko:
    Hi! I've actually wanted to get to know you before, but I didn't know how to initiate a conversation, so thanks for helping me out. :p

    I'm sorry if it came off as an attack, I think I understand where he came from. A while ago I made this thread about how I was unhappy about the way people acted on the forum, and it evolved into a hate war against Brent and how things were better X number of years ago. It was really hurtful from his perspective and I think it reminded him of that. So as you can see, I'm not very smart or considerate at all. But I've been working on it. Thank you. :)

    I'm still no good at getting to know people, I suppose we can talk about ourselves and get to know each other. :nod:

    I live in Los Angeles and outside of school I study engineering at a junior college, because I think that's what I want to do. I'm an introvert and I'm often glued to a computer all day, also something I'm trying to work on. :uhoh2:
    Lol its not "making fun" of Coldplay at all! I've said it already in the thread too: your voice won't be heard! Chris will be doing the singing, it'll just show Coldplayers mouthing the words along to the Coldplay track! Get it?
    Hey! Sorry to bother you, but do you wanna sing Coldplay songs? Then check out the "Coldplay parody/cover..." thread on the Coldplay thread! details to come!
    You flatter me too much. I have posted a lot in my time here, but I don't think that necessarily makes me popular. I'm just around, y'know.

    Yes, "Sparks" is a Coldplay reference. "Violet" is too, actually, despite my name being Violet. I was trying to think of a nice Coldplay-related name, and I eventually combined "Violet Hill" with "Sparks" to get "violetsparks." I have thought of changing it from time to time, but I can never think of a replacement name, so I just leave it as it is. Everybody just calls me by my real name, anyway, so there'd be no real point to it.

    Yeah, the summer has been alright. It's really boring, but at least I have plenty of time to read when I get the urge.
    Hey, it's no problem. :nice: I'm glad at least somebody finds me interesting. HA.

    Anyway, it's nice to finally know your name, Quentin. I'm Violet. :smiley:
    Hey! We're trending "9 days till Will's birthday" today on twitter at 9 PM London time. Please help us make it happen and spread the word. Thanks xoxo
    I'm finally used to hearing the choir, but it was so weird at first. Look up a live version and you'll see what I mean.
    Pretty similar live, except without the gospel choir. So the choir REALLY threw me off when I first heard the studio version.
    Yeah, I posted it in the Flo thread here. Isn't it lovely? I actually got to see that song debuted right in front of me back in June.
    I couldn't have been THAT drunk if my spelling was still okay.
    And the forum fangirls I'm talking about are the ones who post about wanting to lick Chris Martin's neck and disgusting things like that.
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