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  • Yup we do need some Cali love! I think they do more shows in Southern California than Northern though, it's better for me but not for you. Stupid crowds though don't show their love back so much. :shifty: The whole crowd should be like us. :lol:

    yeah i know, it really does suck. :\ I've never tried going to sleep that way since I like to sing along. :lol: I'll try it tonight. :) I did have a good sleep last night actually. I feel asleep at 8pm last night and didn't wake up until today at 6am. :D 10 hours of sleep is pretty good I think. :D

    yeah, that's what I'm about to do. :) Math hw while listening to Coldplay. It makes it bearable. :p
    Yes, that is true. :dance: And they always do a whole bunch of shows in CA. :D

    Ya, senior year. :) Yes! Well I slept during summer really good that's why. :lol: It's cause yesterday I woke up at 10:40am and so I tried going to bed last night around 10:30 and I just couldn't fall asleep cause I wasn't tired. Then I looked at my phone and it was 12am, closed my eyes then opened them again, and now it was 2:30am, closed my eyes yet again and then opened them and now it was 4:30am, and I had to get up at 4:45am today. :dead: I don't think I really slept at all last night. :p Cause I mean I heard my fan all night so I was still conscious and I could hear other random noises, but my eyes were just closed. I wasn't even excited for school so I don't know why I couldn't sleep. :lol: I'm really sleepy right now but I'm just waiting until the sun sets because I can't sleep with all this light! :p

    You can do it. ;) You just have to be really comitted and give up some things temporarily. :\
    :( Well at least you had a great time while there! :hug:

    haha yeah I know how you feel...I just want to go back and relive my concert too! We need a time machine! :lol:
    Ah, today was my first day of school and I listened to VLV and ETIAW as my first two songs of the school year. :D It was a pretty good day, I'm just very sleepy. :lol: I had very little sleep last night. :p
    Yes, I die of jealousy every time too. :p They are just so lucky!!!! Yes, one day we will make it happen! Ah...I can't wait until that day. :dazzled: crying of jealousy. ;) But I know how you feel everytime I see someone has taken a pic with the band. :p Also...when my friend saw Coldplay just passing by her just a few feet away from her at my concert and if I had just been there a minute sooner. :dead: I was so jealous!!
    Hey I use to post on here all the time so sorry if you know me and I forgot your name. I just released a demo tape and I don't really know how to properly advertise it or promote myself so I'm trying to get as many people to listen to it so maybe it will start something? If you interested pleas click on the link below -

    And feel free to message me back with feedback; positive or negative. If you do like it pass it on!
    Ohh. Yeah. I won't lie. I like some of Deftones music for example. But as the greatest song ever says "Nothing else compares" to Coldplay. :] And I don't disagree. ARoBttH is absolutely incredible. Think they could make an even better one? :p Me too. Though I'm starting to warm up to it a bit. It's pretty good I think. Not their best but not bad either. I like the other new songs better!! Especially Charlie Brown and Hurts Like Heaven! Epic. I really, really want a tracklist and album title. Though I don't know when that'll be since Phil said yesterday Chris just wrote another new song. lol He's such a workaholic but incredible none-the-less. :]]
    lol I can handle it besides screaming/headbanging but I'm much more into melodic-focused songs. Like with pianos, shimmery guitar riffs, and insecure lyrics. That's just me though. And oh, that fails. :/ But yes, I'm glad there are still some pretty awesome people here like you. [: I agree I mean. I know a lot of people who only like their singles and I show them the not-well known songs and they're like 'no, that's awful.' A Rush of Blood to the Head is their best album. The best ever I say! Wow, no way! That's really cool. :] I just got the award for highest avgs in both psychology and sociology yesterday. Unrelated but yeah. You should never be afraid to write what you think! It's first amendment rights after all. :) And I'm not sure how I feel about the new song. I like it more and more ever time I hear it but idk yet. I do hope the whole album isn't like that though.
    Yeah, seriously! No lie. In my school, all people listen to is like either rap, country, metal or screamo. And I never hear an ending to negative comments about Coldplay. I thought this would be like a safe haven and uplifting experience but so far it hasn't gone that way. I'm sorry to hear it bothers you so much though. :/ I feel your pain. What's the point of someone being a fan if they're negative all the time? How is that a fan? How is that even liking the band? I mean I understand no one's ever perfect but seriously. And no way! Me too. :] I can't listen to a new album/song by them unless I'm like alone and I don't hear anyone talking. First impressions of things/people are very important says my psch. class. Sorry- kinda random. And it's completely fine! lol I love hearing from you. What you have to say is always relatable, sincere, inspiring, and profound. :]
    You're welcome. :) And I'm glad to help a fellow coldplayer, especially a really amazing one like you! Of course, What could be bigger than them announcing new music? Nothing I say! lol [: And I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully things will change for the better. :S Same thing here. We've had a possible chance of tornadoes all day. The weather's been really strange lately. And I've taken to your insightful idea from the one post yesterday and decided not to read any more of the negatively-charged forums until after I hear the new song. They're really brought me down. I thought this was a place to praise the band? Not rip it to shreds at every turn. :/
    Hey. So I just wanted to introduce myself. :) And say I really like your comments. Like from the most recent thread and I mean. I'm sort of at a loss for words here. Sorry. But yeah. They're usually positive and uplifting. You're always really kind to the other members. Umm. idk. There's a genuine heart and sincerity in everything you say and it's just like. Really admirable. How's the weather in California btw?
    Ha yes i have that shirt.

    We have great taste in shirts no?

    and no im not really that much better.

    Ill feel better in time though I hope

    especially once the physical reminders fade away.
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