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  • :eek:
    Omg i havnt been on in like 2 months..
    Sorry for the late reply .. quite busy :(
    No :lol: Irish is nothing like english. Its the language of Ireland I guess. Some people in ireland dont know it though. But every school in Ireland have to do irish in schoolIts a subject:D.
    Haha! Omg! My parents don't know what grounded is:lol: Well they do but they dont care :lol: were you being naughty?? :lol:
    I'm fine just depressed that I have to go back to school in a couple of days ..:(
    thats good :) are you doing anything for spring break?

    i looked and they do have a lot of the songs: http://search.4shared.com/network/search.jsp?sortType=1&sortOrder=1&sortmode=2&searchName=apparatjik&searchmode=2&searchName=apparatjik&searchDescription=&searchExtention=&sizeCriteria=atleast&sizevalue=10&start=0 they have snow crystals, datascroller, in a quiet corner, supersonic sound & electric eye for sure, but i need to listen to them all first :D

    indeed they are still brilliant no matter what! :heart:which reminds me ...DOn quixote!!
    Hahah its fine :)i'm pretty good, i've been gone for a few weeks too..but its my spring break so i'll be on a little more this week ! How are you?

    yeah i have no idea where to buy it but i'm pretty sure 4shared has most of the songs, if not all. i'll go try that see if it works :)

    nope they didnt win any brits unfortunately..:\ its alright though i mean vlv was released 2 years ago the fact they were nominated was still decent :D
    Haha yeah that would have been nice :lol:
    Aw that's nice.:D
    Hmm..I don't know really probably music and irish...they're the only subjects I actually like learning.
    So how have you been lately? I havn't been on this in sooo long..:(
    Hey!! Sorry i've been out for the week, its been busy :p i'm still listening to those two songs over and over and over again. :) lol

    yeah i need to get their new cd soon :Dyeah i think guy just plays bass, but he probably does more i'm not sure :\ they're pretty cool though. :) mostly cos guy's in it!!

    I missed the first half hour too! :( but then i rewatched it on my dvr cos i recorded it, im sad they didn't win anything but brits are in a week or so !! :wacky: i hope they win big this time. Yeah the simpsons was a bit disappointing, :p they were in it for only that lik 20 seconds... but its okay it was cute and chris was in the credits at the end! :D
    yep I finally decided to just buy the whole thing, after all it's helping haiti :) but so far I've really only listened to A Message and Halo..;)

    which reminds me apparatjik is releasing their album on Monday I believe? I haven't heard too much of their music since they dont have much released. their only song on itunes is "ferreting" but my current favorite is called "Snow crystals" [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueM_um9e1u8"]YouTube- Apparatjik - Snow Crystals[/ame] music starts at 0:23

    yes, i suppose i'm a bit biased to the way chris performs :rolleyes: lol but thats just the way it is :smug:

    Well tomorrow's the grammys and the simpsons !! :happy2: i can't wait :)
    yep me too :) i think i'm gonna buy the whole cd, its $8 for like 20 songs all to haiti! lol :p but i don't know i only want a message/halo/stranded. :\ lol

    haha chris is soo fit :D he does yoga and he jumps around on stage ...i lack flexibility to do yoga :tongue:

    Yessss i'm excited for when they start releasing dates for the new record :) :) cos i have no idea when its planned for release:p but for now i'm listening to guy in apparatjik :happy3:

    hahaha :D yeah ...i thought it'd be weird to transition from class of 50 (which was in middle school, 75 is in high school) to class of like ...i dont know a lot more :) kk i dont think its 1500 that seems like way too many..:p my bad

    that sounds good :) i like volleyball too!but i am not so good at it:p

    thatts cool ;) !! yea recently i've been really into (besides cp) keane and some of their b-sides :) haha ok well my dad got this keane live in london dvd, and wow tom chaplin is a strange performer :p like the way he goes around the stage, like hes fine vocally on stage...but after i watched that I went and watched coldplay on world stage afterwards and i felt much better. chris is a better dancer :heart:

    niceee :) uhhh i wish ihad friends who were into really good music..and can play instruments :p i can't take pure rap or country music 24-7 ( i swear thats all they like lol one or the other)

    hahah yeah i agree :) i wonder what their setlist is gonna be like for their next tour. like which songs are they gonna pick from vlv? obviously vlv, probably violet hill, life in tech? umm strawberry swing :D 42? daahf? :) lol

    are they not the most adorable boys ever? i showed that to my friend and she was laughing at me the whole time :p
    OMG that was amazing !!! :D oh my goodness Chris was adorable in his beanie..and they played A Message! :happy3: Yeah and chris played for beyonce, she was incredible live.. and of course bono/ the edge, jay-z and rihanna were great!! i just bought their song on itunes its #1 already :)

    Yep, but we've done it on like "special" days b/c my PE teacher is the yoga teacher too :) It's pretty fun I feel like Chris when I do yoga!!

    yeah they were so close! it was like unbelievably amazing just seeing them like a few feet in front of me though...... :)

    Oh jeez I'm sorry I meant in the grade! :surprised:yes I agree, 75 people in one class would be quite a lot..:rolleyes: But we actually had really small classes in my middle school, like 15 per class. which was nice :cool:

    let's see...i've been playing for maybe 9 years now? i've never really played anything else (on a team) though, except for softball for like 2 yrs. :P yeah, you should try something in summer :) what do you think you'd try for?

    yeah!! I also like In the Sun with michael stipe :D since I like REM as well, and yep I also like U2 & the killers, keane, snow patrol, death cab for cutie.... that's off the top of my head though :P but lottts of coldplay

    I listened to the song, i like the lyrics its an interesting song overall :) i wanna go look up the artist now, cursive, i've nvr heard of them!

    Yesss i was very excited that he was wearing his beanie again, its so cute! :D haha i hope the boys release their new record soon so they can start touring all over again!! :) but first they go to latin america...

    K this is random but I found this vid on youtube and its of the boys back in 2000 and they're so adorable when they were young and could go out in public!! [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FczpnfaQrsw"]YouTube- Coldplay Clip - Parachutes Era[/ame] haha its not much :) but its cute
    Oh god! It sounded like fun hehe!
    Oh same! But I didn't call in since we aren't able to call from Ireland :( But I gave 50 euro to the haiti donation in my school!
    Did you get through to any celeberity? :eek:
    I'm doing good thanks:nice:
    Aw that's good! I kinda wish I liked school....well I do. I like all the people in the school but I don't like learning haha! What's your favourite subject?
    yessss :) i'm so excited for hope for haiti :p davide rossi, the violinist who played with chris at the bridge benefit is gonna be there:D:D haha plus bono/the edge are on it too !!

    mine were fine, not too bad :)I had spanish today and PE but we didn't have a final b/c it was raining so we did yoga instead..:p now we have a 3 day wknd I'm preeety excited

    i didn't!!:angry: i was really mad ..i was like 6 or 7 seats in and i tried to get past the 6 or 7 ppl nearest the aisle to my left, but they clearly wanted to touch him too :p

    Yeah it really is:p i mean, why not save your money for college? or something later in life. i dont knwo :) is 75 a lot? at my school we have 1500 per grade i believe. in middle school ihad 50:p

    I have a soccer game in like 3 hours!I hope the rain holds back, but i'm not sure it will:tongue:

    Yeah Ilove beach chair and homecoming by kanye west, but coldplay alone is obviously the best!! :D what other artists do you like besides cp??

    :) yes it was so much fun!! and chris was hilarious and really cute in his black and white striped beanie :D but we weren't reall y that close, we had seats we weren't on the lawn, but we weren't really all that close :) but it was still amazing! he sang clocks and lost? and yellow and vlv and he did some covers:happy3: he was gorgeous! haha

    yessss i know when i first saw how he performed I thought he was an utter idiot but that was way back then... because his dancing and piano humping is absoolutely brilliant !! :D haha I esp love his fix you dance where he spazzes around during the guitar solo:p and..... his in my place dance when he and jonny are on the side and chris is just like jumping around everywhere :D
    YOUR SCHOOL WENT ON FIRE? :eek: How wonderful!!!:p Not really though. Was everything and everybody ok???
    I havn't been on this in so long. I've been so busy! How are you?
    School's going ok... I don't really like it. Haha! Well who does. Hehe!
    Goodbye And Goodnight could have been a great song, but it does sound a lot like Scattered Black And Whites :inquisitive: So much we never hear...
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