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  1. loco23

    Painting Guitar

    Thinking of painting my guitar: But i dont want to sand the whole thing down as I like the finish. I just want to add some images of my own on top of the guitar using a paint pen. I've seen this youtube video and it blew me away! View...
  2. loco23

    Ink Chirs Martin Chords

    So I've started learning how to play Ink with Chris Martin tuning and wow. I really appreciate his ability to do chord changes on guitar whilst accompanying the vocal melody with it at the same time. For those of you that have learned it, how the hell do you play and sing this at the same time...
  3. loco23

    Jonny's New Guitar

    Finally got a close up of it. They tweeted it out: View: Anyone know the model? I'm surprised to see him rocking a three pick up guitar. Don't think I've ever seen one!
  4. loco23

    Everyday Life - piano cover

    Love it! I love the rising chord change from 1:08 or 1:10.
  5. loco23

    Would you ever get a Jonny Buckland Signature Guitar?

    That sound gets me every time. Especially when he plays those two notes for "...ticking clocks" and the delay seems to go on in a loop. Love it.
  6. loco23

    Would you ever get a Jonny Buckland Signature Guitar?

    I think he will too. Maybe when Coldplay disbands he'll get round to it.
  7. loco23

    Ink Electric Guitar Cover

    wow massive rookie error hahahha my bad.
  8. loco23

    Ink Electric Guitar Cover

    Hi guys, Just wanted to share my cover of ink! It's a pretty tame song but i have to admit im really digging the sound at 2:07 :) View:
  9. loco23

    Orphans - Sunset

    I like it but I'm hoping this is the most pop track for the album. I really hope they embrace the experimental side.
  10. loco23

    Arabesque - Sunrise

    I agree. I can definitely appreciate the sound but... if they choose to play this live...
  11. loco23

    Birds - Muck Around/ Rework

    Thanks, Gideon. I try my best to replicate his sound.
  12. loco23

    Birds - Muck Around/ Rework

    I would love to get some vocals on there. If anyone is interested in lending me your vocals for this track, I'd really appreciate it :)
  13. loco23

    Birds - Muck Around/ Rework

    Hi guys, I was mucking around with Birds the other night on logic and made this - thinking of maybe making it longer and building on it. let me know what you think :) View:
  14. loco23

    Arabesque - Sunrise

    Very true.
  15. loco23

    Arabesque - Sunrise

    I really enjoy the song but I wish they left the french guy out.
  16. loco23

    Would you ever get a Jonny Buckland Signature Guitar?

    I own a 72 thinline and its a great guitar. You start to realise why Jonny uses it on so many tracks. It's unique in that it's got double humbuckers but they're very bright humbuckers. The F hole looks great but I can't really say it adds much to sound - just aesthetic.
  17. loco23

    Would you ever get a Jonny Buckland Signature Guitar?

    I've often looked at signature guitars in music stores with the names of John Mayer, Eric Clapton or that bloke from Muse and thought.... yeah they're great guitarists but why would I want my guitar to be defined by another guitarist? .... However, if I view it from the lens of a Jonny Buckland...
  18. loco23

    still an album out next year also.... confused?

    I think they're going for a whole Ghost Stories / A Head Full of Dreams thing. Releasing the album that they really want to make and then release the album they want but also need to make for commercial / label purposes.
  19. loco23

    Uploading Youtube Covers of Coldplay songs

    So I want to share a few covers of Coldplay songs I've done but the last time I put a cover up it got copyrighted so the audio was removed. Is there anyway I can upload Covers of coldplay songs without this happening? I've seen other people being able to do it?
  20. loco23

    Remember July 7, 2005….10 years later

    I was in London for a week earlier this year and spotted some flowers in the entrance to the tube. I suddenly realised what the flowers were when I realised it was the month of July... As a previous member stated, terrorism is one of the worst cancers of humankind. Unfortunately, this seems to...