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  1. Daffy

    Possible hint towards a release date for the new album?

    Yesterday I was reading about how Chris traveled to Jerusalem very very recently, and I read something interesting... "Martin has visited Israel in the past in an attempt to set up a Coldplay concert that would be accessible to both Israelis and Palestinians... ...Reportedly, Coldplay has...
  2. Daffy

    About X&Y... (Song)

    About X&Y, the song, I wanted to know why it isn't more popular. I love it and many other people do, but not much about it is out there, and when I tried searching it on these forums, I couldn't find anything... I wanted to know your thoughts on this song, and if people generally dislike or love...
  3. Daffy

    Do you think Coldplay's newest album will be influenced by/as good as Oldplay?

    I was just wondering about this, as Coldplay seems to have gone back to taking a bigger break that they took between releasing their best albums instead of that year break between GS and AHFOD. Another thing that has me thinking about this is the fact that Chris has obviously gone through a ton...
  4. Daffy

    Japanese translation of Clocks?

    Hello, I am currently learning Japanese and I'm still a beginner, so I would be interested in having all the lyrics of Clocks translated into Japanese! I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance! (P.S. And please no Google translate lol) (P.S. to P.S. No offence)
  5. Daffy

    Ode To Deodorant

    I know this is silly, but I'm wondering about finding tabs and an instrumental to this...
  6. Daffy

    {Request} Original isolated tracks for bass, keys, piano, drums, guitar, and vocals for Clocks?

    Hello, everybody! I have been into Clocks for a year now, and I think it's time that I finally got the original high quality isolated tracks for each instrument! I really want to hear what it sounds like, and learn the techniques, as well as just have fun! -Thank you so much!!