1. We Never Change

    Hello from Michigan!

    Hey everyone! I've been a pretty big fan of Coldplay for a while now. I'm looking forward to hanging out here from time to time, I wish I knew about this place sooner! My favorite album is probably Parachutes (could you tell by my username?) Though, AROBTTH is an extremely close second. :)...
  2. ThatGirlMyra


    Hi! I had no idea there was a whole forum dedicated to Coldplay, so I had to make an account when I saw one. My bio states most of my personal opinions about Coldplay, so I'll just state one fact: I absolutely adore them! Anyway, thank you for stopping by to read this, and hello to you all!
  3. T

    Hi there! Multitrack/Stem/Demo Collector here!

    Hello everyone! I am so glad I found this forum! I am sure there are a lot of fans here who are collectors of demos or stems/multitracks. Is this the right place for me to find some good (not already publicly available) material? I have the following stems to share: - Clocks - Every Teardrop...