Rank the Ghost Stories songs!


Apr 24, 2014
1. Always In My Head
2. A Sky Full of Stars
3. Oceans
4. O
5. True Love
6. Ink
7. Magic
8. Midnight
9. Another's Arms

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Sep 2, 2008
1. Midnight
= Fly On / O
3. Ink
4. Always in My Head
= Another's Arms
6. True Love
7. Magic
8. Oceans
9. A Sky Full of Stars

ASFOS isn't an overly dire song in itself, but it doesn't really belong on this album. Even ETIAW would be more appropriate.
I'll be daring enough to say that I believe Up In Flames and ASFoS should have switched places, album wise.


A Prospekt
Mar 30, 2009
I just heard the songs besides Magic, Midnight and ASFOS for the first time now after streaming...for me, it is really hard to say which songs are the best. I'll try it though.

The best ones are clearly Always in my Head, Midnight and O for me.

1. Always in my head: Such a nice and warm opener. Perfectly produced. Simplistic yet nice lyrics. I just hoped they would make the song a bit longer and the end is a bit to abrupt for me. 9.5/10.

2. Midnight: I cannot believe how much the song grew on my. I always found it interesting listening to it, but especially in the last two weeks and within the whole album it just totally blow me away. Great job boys. Good to know that songs can turn out to be so beautiful despite critics at the beginning. 9.5/10.

3. O: Most people said enough about it. I was totally eager to hear it. Unfortunately it turned out to be a bit boring to me compared to the "best song of Coldplay ever"-opinions. I just don't share it the same way. It is a wonderful closer to the album, especially if the break between Fly On and O is longer on the real album than on the stream. Very simple, minimalistic, lovely produced. I would love to add some strings or more guitar at the end to be honest. Yet a beautiful song. O (reprise) could be even 1-2 minutes longer. It is so sad, that it just stopped aber 70 secs. There is so much potential. And it would be perfect to the album if you ask me. Really, really sad about that but still it is great! 9.5/10.

Then True Love, Ink and Oceans comes for me.

Ink: After all I read I wasn't sure what to expect about this. It seemed to me like it is there next maintream song on the album after reading the comments and it sure is. But especially compared to MX the song is so chilled and cooled down, not that bombastic and overwhelming. Really nice listening to it, in a way not boring (like most of the mainstream songs are) and the end is really enjoyable. I really dig it and the refreshing beat! 8.5/10.

True Love: Probably the most bombastic song on the album in terms of orchestra and so on. After the beginning I was a bit sceptical but it turned out as a great song for me. Love the strings as well as the lyrics. They really go well together with the song. Very depressing though, in way also uplifting. 9/10,

Oceans: My expectations were really high on this after reading the comments of you after the live performance. Sadly the album version does not completely hold up to the live version (which is mostly the case talking about acoustic songs). Perfect mix between acoustic and electronic influences here. Nicely produced. It just loose a bit magic in the studio version. Anyway really really nice song. 8.5/10.

Then probably Anothers Arms and Magic

Magic: Not really digging it. I do not really care about the song. I accept listening to it, but it is one song of the album I don't care about. Anyway I like the end and how it declines as well as Johnny of course. 6.5/10.

Anothers Arms: One of the songs which are probably a bit overproduced to me. I really hate the break in the second verse as well as the short clapping. Lyrics are a bit to bad for me to be honest though never expected masterpieces. Especially with the bridge and Johnnys part it really get better and I really like that part. 7.5/10.

And A sky full of stars last and least

A Sky full of stars: I will never like this song. I'm really disappointed. It does not fit at all the album and I rather have a good album in whole context with similar moods than a climax which totally stands out. For me the worst Coldplay song on a album ever. Even worse than PoC and Paradise. Really, really sad because that kills the album for me.

Anyway: I like Ghost Stories so far a lot though I need more listens. The flow is alright but for me it is so sad that regarding some minor and little details the album could be so much better. In overall I would give the album a 8/10 and it is probably among the top 3 albums of the band.
Thanks for the work guys, nice to get an album despite all the trouble in Chris personal life! :)


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Jul 19, 2011
1. Anothers Arms - I'm realy surprised no one else seems to love it that much =O
2. Midnight
3. Ink
5. O
6. Oceans
7. Magic
8. Always in my Head
9. True Love

I'm not gonna rank the songs right now since I'm not ready for that yet, but I just wanted to tell you that you're not alone. I find Another's Arms a fantastic song, and I would probably put it first in my rank as well.


Nov 13, 2013
Right now this is my list. I ghink Its going to change when i have listen to the album more than i have now.

1. True love - the first time i heard it, i really felt the same way i did when i heard coldplay for the first time. It sound a bit new and different but still it have the typical coldplay sound. And i think the lyrics is one of the best on the album.
2. midnight - i loved this the first time i heard it and now i love it even more. it moves me so much. its a very different style for them but in the same time it just feels like coldplay. some parts sound a bit like radiohead and bon iver and i really like it. one of their best songs.
3. O - i love the emotional piano sound and chris voice on this. It reminds me of gravity in a way and i love that song. It could have been a bit more instruments, maby some guitar bits. and its a bit to short.
4. Always in my head- i like this one becausd its so simple. and i love the guitar sound. the only problem is that it ends to fast.
5. Oceans - i like this one, but its a bit to simple whith simple lyrics. boring right now, but i think it will grow on me. it was much better live.
6. Anothers arms - better live. it sounds overprodused and it would have been much better if they didnt have all those effects. but its a bit catchy now when i have listen to it many times.
7. Ink - have not listen to it so much, so i dont have any option about it yet. i like the beat but the lyrics are a bit cheesy though. and i dont like chris voise in it.
8. Magic - its just boring and wierd. but i like it when they play it on the radio.
9. A sky full of stars - i dont like aviici or any house music at all. i hate to listen to this song.


Jan 31, 2007
1 True love
2 O
3 ink
4 Always in my head
5 Anothers arms
6 Asfos
7 Magic
8 Midnight
9 Oceans


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Aug 29, 2005
I'll be daring enough to say that I believe Up In Flames and ASFoS should have switched places, album wise.
IIRC, UIF was the last song from MX to be completed so its the closest song of that album chronologically to GS. Even Atlas kinda fits as another song in between the albums


Here Comes the Night Time
Jun 5, 2011
^ That's right. The electronic drums carried over for sure.


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Apr 30, 2014
Always In My Head - Brilliant, brilliant opener. It was my favorite of the new material when I first heard the live version, and it's still my favorite favorite here. Establishes the MO of the album - heartbreak and electronic lullaby - perfectly. Loaded with atmosphere, with everyone in full form. Lyrics are right on par with the music.

O - Probably one of the most genuinely affecting pieces this band has recorded. Extremely simple, but immensely powerful. The reprise of the heavenly instrumental that opens the album is a nice bookend as well, VLV style. I'll admit to being a little perplexed as to why this part of the track apparently takes the title slot instead of the first (Fly On), but hey, I'm not complaining... :lol:

Another's Arms - To me this and Midnight are where the album is at it's bravest. Haunting and brooding. I love the way Chris's voice is processed at certain points, and the 'sighing' synth parts give it a wonderful edge. Almost the perfect antithesis of the huge, anthemic, falsetto-laden side of the band that made them famous.

Midnight - What a reintroduction to Coldplay this song was. Again, I love how they played with Chris's voice here. The slow buildup of tension bleeding into the waves of fluttering synthesizer is amazing. One of the simplest, yet moodiest, and most surprising things they've released. A bold move for a band with a firmly established sound if there ever was one. As a side note, this track definitely wins for coolest part of the visual album.

Ink - Somewhat uninspired lyrics are helped by one of the more exotic sounding productions the band have put together since the VLV era. Lots of very interesting sounds and textures at work together, and beautifully so. Extremely catchy.

Oceans - I really want to rank this one higher, but the studio version just doesn't hit me the way the BBC Live Lounge performance did. Still a nice return to a more Parachutes-esque, stripped back arrangement. Love the synth strings at the close.

A Sky Full Of Stars - Possibly the strongest vocal performance on the album. The heavy dance vibe never bothered me to the extreme it seemed to with many others, and it serves as a nice final, explosive expression of the electronic motifs built up throughout the record. A lower ranking partially due to a bit of excessive replay syndrome while waiting for the album. (See also - Magic)

Magic - Another song I appreciate a lot from a production standpoint. For some reason this tends to be one that's harder for me to get into for the first minute or so, but by the time it really gets going I'm absorbed by it. I liked it when it came out, though it's definitely better when heard in context with the entire album.

True Love - This is the one I've had the hardest time getting a firm grip on. There's something odd about the progression here from a Coldplay standpoint, though it is interesting. As someone else mentioned here, Johnny's guitar part at the end sounds a bit off until he bends the notes to the pitch where they should be. I get what he's going for, not sure about the execution. The string-plucking synth sound that runs throughout rubs me the wrong way somehow as well, though it becomes more tolerable as the mix gets more dense. Another song that builds quite nicely mood-wise, though.


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Aug 26, 2011
1.- O... Totally in love with that song!! 10/10
2.- Always in my head... Very nice.. it reminds me to the old coldplay style with a modern sound 10/10
3.- Ink... Perfect!! 10/10
4.- Oceans... Another coldplay song, inspired in Parachutes 10/10
5.- Magic... With that bassline, I can easily say that I love Guy :laugh3: 10/10
6.- Midnight... With a dark sound.. not bad and the end is EPIC! 10/10 (I hope they close their shows with this song)
7.- True Love... There's something that f*ck the song xD 7/10
8.- Another's Arms... Since I've heard this song just... basically didn't caught me :/ 5/10
9.- A Sky Full Of Stars... Yes, It's the powerfull song of the album, but admit it... This is not coldplay :( 3/10


Aug 6, 2011
TOP 3:

1 - O : Probably the best Coldplay song from the last three albums (Ghost Stories, Mylo Xyloto, Viva La Vida). Gave me shivers every single time I heard until now. The "new Fix You" (one of the songs that more evokes emotion from people) for sure. Instant classic.

2 - Oceans: Second best lyrics from the album. Its such a beautiful meditation about everything you been through and how it would be ok, if you become opened to it, the sun and the rain, the happiness and the pain, and how it can change you, and how everything that happened to you was for your own good. You just have to be vulnerable to feel and see the wonderful things that life throws at you.

3- True Love: I feel immersed in this song with Jonny guitars and the lyrics is so heartbreaking but at the same time gives you a sense of hope. Is stunning!!:)


Leave a light on....
Jun 10, 2011
Updated for full album

1. Ghost Story
(This song is just so goddamn good it's unreal to me why they didn't include it in the original record. It could have easily replaced Magic and would have felt so smooth after Always In My Head. Ghost Story has some of the best lyrics of the album and it has a guitar riff that I'll be humming for the rest of the year. Plus, any track where Will gets to pound those drums is a topper for me. A Rush of Blood to the Head fans like me will really dig this track.)
2. O (+ O Part 2)
3. All Your Friends
(All Your Friends is, like Ghost Story, a misstep in the band's decision of track-listing. This one really feels like it could have been included and added lots of character to the record. Opening with a legendary Guy bass riff just sets the tone for this one perfectly. Also, Chris seems to have saved the best lyrics in the whole album for the two bonus tracks, which is sort of disappointing for those just listening to Ghost Stories ((Edition I, as I'm calling it)). Still, they're here and they're sounding great which to me just adds another level of balancing to an album which felt a little unbalanced to me.)
4. Midnight
5. Ink
6. Always In My Head
7. Oceans
8. Another's Arms
9. True Love
10. A Sky Full of Stars
11. Magic

Ghost Stories Edition I rating: 7/10
Ghost Stories Edition II rating: 8.5/10

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Feb 24, 2012
Not all that enamoured by All Your Friends - but its better than Another's Arms. Why Ghost Story isn't on there is insane!

Vitamin Z

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Jun 14, 2005
Not in any order cause I can't order my favourites:

1) Always in my Head - I liked the live versions, but the angelic voices in the studio version and the overall production makes this absolutely amazing! 10/10

2) Magic - Love it - some of the 'magic' has worn off but still great 9/10

3) Ink - Absolutely brilliant - something so different for the band. This should definitely be a single! 10/10

4) True Love - expected this to be pretty bad after hearing Timbaland was involved, however this has to be one of my favourite songs off the album - the guitar riff is so emotional and is such a contrast to the test of the song 10/10

5) Midnight - I'm a big lover of ambient music so this song is a favourite of mine. Very dark and hopeless, which reminds me of older Coldplay songs. Fantastic song 10/10

6) Another's Arms - While I like it and I think it fits in the album nicely, it's probably the song I'd skip the most 8/10

7) Oceans - Such a peaceful and raw song. I do think Chris' vocals are a bit off here, purposefully very 'basic' probably to appeal to Parachutes fans. Still, it's a beautiful song but I think it could be even better 9/10

8) A Sky Full of Stars - this song gets a lot of bad rap but I think it's amazing. Very energetic and hopeful, it's this albums ETIAW - which is a very good thing! 10/10

9) O - Oh my god, this is just...wow. This song chokes me up, even more so because of the Zane Lowe interview. 'Maybe one day I'll fly next to you' and 'Don't ever let go' are probably my favourite lyrics from any song, ever.

So all in all, I think Ghost Stories is amazing and I'm so grateful Coldplay shared this with us


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Jun 7, 2011
Can we get a new poll please? :) This one is not complete (anymore) without the bonus tracks.


Feb 10, 2009
It's harder to rank the album....haha I think every song is connected....a brilliant concept with sadness, a little dark, fast and love between past and future. I think this the best strings for coldplay album so far, very beautiful and sexy. My favorites Top 3 song of the album is : 1. True Love (fantastic Love Songs) 2. Always In My Head (I Love the strings sound when I heard first) 3. A Sky Full Of Stars (haha the song full happy and I a huge fan Of Avicii)


May 3, 2014
It's harder to rank the album....haha I think every song is connected....a brilliant concept with sadness, a little dark, fast and love between past and future. I think this the best strings for coldplay album so far, very beautiful and sexy. My favorites Top 3 song of the album is : 1. True Love (fantastic Love Songs) 2. Always In My Head (I Love the strings sound when I heard first) 3. A Sky Full Of Stars (haha the song full happy and I a huge fan Of Avicii)
Exactly. That's why I am so passionate about this album!


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Nov 11, 2011
Any of my attempt to rank the songs fails miserably :lol: and my opinion changes every couple of hours or so anyway :lol:
I need time to have a more definitive opinion on each track. :nod:

As for the 3 favourites pick, I chose Ink, ASFOS and O. But again, in 2 hours I may feel like that was a mistake :lol: