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Everyday Life Leak Discussion [SPOILERS INSIDE]

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2. VLV


3. X&Y

4. Parachutes

5. MX

6. Everyday Life


7. GS





I will say, it takes Coldplay songs/albums a LONG time to grow on me. A lot of it depends on how good the live performances are. Since this album has so many good musical bits and is unique, there's a chance it could move into 3/4/5 for me. But I don't see it touching AROBTTH or VLV.


The album feels a little disjointed at the moment to me, and undeveloped. We went from way way too overproduced on AHFOD to a bit underproduced on EL. Having said that, Church, Trouble in Town, Arabesque, Eko, Daddy, COTW, Old Friends, and Cry Cry Cry are really good. I wish When I Need a Friend was a bit longer and fleshed out because it's so good. (On second thought, there is something to the shortness and simplicity of it)

But WOTP/POTP should be a fully recorded song with the whole band, like wtf. It sounds good but it's like I'm trying to hear my mom over the phone. Like what is he saying, it sounds good but I want to HEAR the song.


The acoustic guitar is so good on this album. Unbelievable work from Chris, that we've never really seen before.


I really admire how much Chris pushed himself on this album. And Guy too. I just wish it had a little more flow and more Jonny.

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The acoustic guitar is so good on this album. Unbelievable work from Chris, that we've never really seen before.


I really admire how much Chris pushed himself on this album. And Guy too. I just wish it had a little more flow and more Jonny.


Wild thought: what if the acoustic guitar parts are mostly Jonny's doing (wishful thinking)? That would explain why we ''hear'' him so little on the electric guitar.

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Hello friends, I don't think i have written in here in something like 5 years and that should be enough of a sign of how fucking great this album is.


My thoughts are a bit messy but i'll try to find some kind of cohesiveness.


Let's start with the """weak""" points which in my opinion aren't weak at all:

- lack of cohesiveness, in my opinion albums that are way too cohesive are boring, repetitive, don't really branch out, i prefer an album that isn't cohesive but every song is unique and totally different from the other and offers something new

- this is a "chris album" and the others can barely heard: totally disagree with this, this is the first album since Parachutes and arguably X&Y where you can actually HEAR Guy, and holy shit, the basslines are the absolute highlight of the entire album, the wild drumming is back and im here for it, as for jonny, yeah i agree that his electric guitar can be heard in like... 1/4 of the album but we literally have no evidence that chris is the one playing the acoustics in the album, maybe what we hear is all Jonny, we need to see how they play the songs live on the 22nd


That's about it when it comes to the negative, now here's the ranking:


- trouble in town (maybe my favorite coldplay song ever and im not even joking)

- arabesque (still can't believe theyve done THAT)

- eko (this sounds straight out of a elbow album, ive always wanted this)

- guns (holy shit the guitars and lyrics in this little masterpiece, also it reminds me of radioheads "i might be wrong" acoustic version)

- old friends (again, the guitar HOLY SHIT the guitar jesus christ the beginning sounds like an Hozier song, amazing outstanding revolutionary)


Songs i really like because of how different they are from the rest of their discography:

- church (basically if Massive Attack were to make a pop album, the drums sound like proper Massive Attack drums)

- broken (i like gospel songs in hip hop albums (take kanye west) so this is nice)

- cry cry cy (really gets stuck in your head)

- bani adam (the piano in it makes me cry)


Least favourites but not at all bad songs:

- daddy (not a fan of corny ballads sorry)

- orphans (its actually a great pop song i just don't think its that different from any of the other pop songs you hear BUT shout-out to the deep lyrics)

- everyday life (eh)

- champions of the world (sorry i just..... i dont get this song, i dont get why its so hyped, not a fan of its production and structure)

- when i need a friend (probably my least favourite)


Ranking compared to the other albums:

- Parachutes

- Viva la Vida

- Everyday Life

- A rush of blood to the head

- MX

- X&Y


- Ghost Stories

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2. Parachutes

3. VLV


4. X&Y

5. Everyday Life

6. Ghost Stories


7. Mylo Xyloto




Could easily move up I guess. An ambitious and bold record. They didn't play it safe and they should be applauded for still taking risks and trying to stay relevant 20 years after the Brothers & Sisters EP. I had given up on them after AHFOD (Something Just Like This being the final nail in the coffin). But this is an unexpected comeback.


It's a bit disjointed and maybe a bit too ambitious in trying to cram too many influences into one (relatively short!) double album. U2 comparisons are pretty stale by now, but it did immediately remind me of Rattle and Hum. Also an album where a band tries to appropriate influences that may not always fit the band very well. Instead of only turning towards Americana, Coldplay did incorporate a whole other bunch of genres and world music influences. Coldplay will probably also be ripped apart by some critics for making an album that sounds a bit too self-indulgent. Both albums are a weird mixture of absolutely stunning songs, weird vignettes and songs that sometimes take the band too far out of their comfort zone.


But... it somehow works. It helps that some of the songs are among the best they've written. The short vignettes (I mean the intro, the demo, short songs, interludes, soundbites, choir and gospel songs) kind of give it a cut and paste feel. But maybe that was exactly the point. After all, isn't that what everyday life is all about? A weird mixture of disjointed moments that hopefully fit together well enough to make it all worthwile?

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- church (basically if Massive Attack were to make a pop album, the drums sound like proper Massive Attack drums)

My thoughts exactly! It starts out like a Massive Attack rip off. It also ends like one with a trip hop beat and trippy vocals.

I absolutely hated it at first. It's probably the most overproduced song on the record. But it's grown on me and now it's one of my favourites.

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trouble in town: banger, in contrast from a lot you here, i think the police sample is f***ing fantastic and pushes the song to a visceral sort of space. only complaint is that i wish the distorted guitar in the bridge was louder...why is the guitar getting hidden in the mix all the time???


I totally agree with that! The music floats so perfectly into the police sample and Chris' soft singing in the background while we hear the sample is just great great great and makes the song even sound more agressive at the end!

Coldplay should produce more songs with the word "Trouble" in the title. Always great songs :joy::cool:

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Only thing that makes me a little sad about this album is that mainstream listeners will prob judge it harshly before really listening a lot . Like this album grows on you a lot , once you look at lyrics and how they arranged it . First time heard it I had a lot of what is this feelings lol now I’m like wow this is fantastic . I’m really looking forward to all the rest of their fans hearing this :)

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Have followed this forum for years, but am just creating a profile today. Wanted to get in on the EL talk. I've listened to it countless times already that it's probably unhealthy. Oh well.....


I think the album is fantastic but almost it's own type of beast as opposed to previous releases. Favorites are Church, Trouble in Town, Daddy, Guns and Champion of the World. I already know that I like this more than the three albums I have listed below it. It's too early to see where it lands long-term after the dust settles. Going into this album (and I hated AHFOD, sans Birds), I said I wanted this to be in the top 4 of their releases. I think this will surpass Parachutes for me, thus cracking that barrier. Also, I know AROBTTH is better than MX objectively. MX holds a special place in my heart.


1. Viva

2. MX (got me through tough times)


4. Parachutes

5. EL

6. X&Y

7. GS



Overall I couldn't be much more satisfied. I'm not crazy about BrokEn or Cry,Cry,Cry but they objectively aren't even bad.

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Had to really think on this album all week, but here's my review.


TLDR: It's a 9/10 for me. I love this era, despite its flaws, and really am so glad I've stuck with Coldplay all these years. As I get older and love all types of music, it's great to see Coldplay growing and ACTUALLY experimenting on an album, with sounds, with format, and with lyrics. I think without a doubt this album secures them (in my mind) as one of the best rock/pop bands of all time and I hope they get a lot of recognition for this.


[spoiler=Written Review]

Everyday Life is Coldplay’s most alternative (different) album. It’s not necessarily their “Kid A” – it still has elements of pop and clean production, but it’s the closest we’ll get. The album definitely carries over elements of all 7 of Coldplay’s albums, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these tracks were just demos the band revisited (Arabesque and Bani Adam already confirmed).


It’s difficult comparing EL to other albums, Coldplay or otherwise. But I can definitively say, for my taste, it’s my favorite album since Viva. It isn’t perfect. The choice to make a double album at 52 minutes in length was potentially unnecessary, and I think it’s hard to please an audience with 16 unique tracks. I think everyone will have at least one or two tracks they don’t vibe with, but that’s the risk Coldplay took and I’m here for it.


The length of these tracks will be controversial as well. On the whole I really liked Coldplay’s choice to deliver smaller more concise songs, but occasionally it made me crave more runtime (Guns, WOTW/POTP), or more instrumentation & more contributions from the band. Additionally, I think some songs break the flow and vibe of the tracklist (just like X&Y) and its distracting, namely Orphans and Cry Cry Cry.


But where I think this album wildly succeeds, and where it merits a lot of praise from fans and critics, is in its bravery to directly address political issues and honest, raw feelings. We should also celebrate that even though the structure of the album (Sunrise, Sunset) isn’t well explained, it’s cool they’ve tried something different and conceptual.




[spoiler=Track By Track Review]

Sunrise - 10/10

Incredible, incredible song. It’s mysterious, somber, yet hopeful. I think this track is perfect and I wish they’d just let Davide Rossi into the band. Few bands can pull something off this cinematic.

Church – 7/10

This song will grow on me, but as of now it’s one of my lesser favorites. The skittering drum beat and swelling synths sound almost Blur or Beck in the 90's. I like Jonny’s guitar lines and how the song eventually feels like an Arabic pop track. But I also find the melody to be less memorable than most other tracks. ([erhaps the Stargate production cursed me).

Trouble In Town – 9.5/10

The clear Radiohead comparisons don’t keep this track from being incredible. I love the messy guitar and bass, the soft drums and piano. Lyrically Chris touches on some of the darkest material yet – racial violence. The real-life sample of a policeman interrogating an innocent black man is profoundly unsettling. I absolutely love the aggressive drums, guitar, and off-kilter synthesizers that swell in and out. It’s chaotic in the best way. I do wish the mixing was slightly cleaner and the guitar more audible, but that’s only a minor complaint.

BrokEn – 8.5/10

I love the lyrics, the melody, the gospel choir – it’s clear that Chris recorded this on his iphone at some point in time and decided to throw it on the album. I’m so glad we have this in Coldplay’s canon, but I also don’t know if it was essential to the album. But as a standalone track, it’s great.

Daddy – 10/10

This track is the real dark horse of the album. Coldplay’s best piano ballad track of the decade and possibly ever. Chris delivers the most honest performance I’ve ever heard. Where tracks like O or Everglow are certainly gorgeous and meaningful, they don’t’ carry the same emotional weight of Daddy. I assume Chris writes from the perspective of a child missing their parent while they’re away/dead. And it absolutely wrecks me. In contention for my favorite track.

WOTW/POTP – 8/10

Could have been cut. I like what’s here for its rawness and honesty, and the melody seems like going somewhere great, but I don’t really know why you’d put a demo THIS uncomplete on your album. That said, it’s a nice palate cleanser after Daddy.

Arabesque – 10/10

The horns, the slinky guitar rhythm, the sax solo, the features of Davide Rossi, Femi Kuti, Brian Eno, and Stromae. This track is pure magic. I only wish more tracks could have delivered a similar vibe to this one. It’s amazing.

When I Need A Friend – 9/10

Another showstopper. The choir, the rain, the echo of a church. It feels like this would be a classical Christmas song in some other universe, but no, here it is on a Coldplay album. This however, is 100% one of those tracks that could have been longer. Take the minute from WOTW/POTP and add it to this and you have a perfect song. I also love the recording of the man at the end and his message. Thank you Jacob Collier for producing this.

Guns – 8.5/10

Again, wish this track was more flushed out. But what’s here is great. The lyrics are actually quite effective and cutting. I love Chris finally just saying “Everyone’s gone f**king crazy” and being so politically charged. The whole “STOP” thing isn’t my favorite, but it’s catchy and establishes the folksier side to Sunset.

Orphans – 9/10

One of Coldplay’s best singles. The bouncy bass, the lyrics, the shouted chorus. It’s great despite its clear U2 vibes. Does it fit on this album? Maybe a more stripped back version would have flowed better, but it’s a great song.

Eko – 9.5/10

Beautiful. The classical guitar and piano are blissful and Chris’ falsetto fits in perfectly. Lyrically I love what I’m hearing, but not sure if I’ve made out the whole story yet. Love the “in Africaaaa” and the female backing vocals. This song sounds like medicine.

Cry Cry Cry – 9/10

This song takes me dancing and puts a big smile on my face. I love the lyrics, the du-wops by the band. The pitched vocals also sound great. But like Orphans, does it fit in? I almost feel as if this track would have been better off on AHFOD/LP9. But as a standalone, I love it.

Old Friends – 9.5/10

I listen to a lot of folk music, so I really love this and all the fingerpicking. Could have been released in the Parachutes era easily. It feels more in line with Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley. The sentiment is relatable and real. Again, Chris feels more honest than ever before.

Bani Adam – 10/10

The 1:30 of piano goes right up there with Postcards From Far Away. Like Sunrise, it delivers a classical feel that I never expected from Coldplay’s music and it’s remarkably beautiful and sad. The last half of the song makes me think Brian Eno was involved. I love the sparkling guitar and soft rumbling bass. The recitation of the poem is also perfectly executed. Stunning song.

Champion of the World – 9/10

I could see this track being played at the end of a coming of age movie. It is super catchy, slinky and well performed. Love the vibe of the guitars and the melody. It builds up perfectly and feels nicely paced as the albums big finale. It is catchy, emotional, and an instant Coldplay classic that I think all fans will enjoy. Plus, the fact that they sampled Scott Hutchison is really powerful to me as a big Frightened Rabbit fan.

Everyday Life – 7/10

Just good for me. The opening strings and bells are awesome, but I don’t like the piano production and I think the melody is phoned in and too predictable despite some solid X&Y vibes. The track is just underwhelming in all departments compared every other track on the album. I do like the lyrics and Chris’ final thoughts for this era quite a bit: “At sunrise, put my arms out open wide. Hallelujah.” Just my taste.

Album Overall – 9/10

It’s an amazing album that deserves a lot of praise. I like every track here which is a first since time since Viva that’s happened, and there are tons of perfect to near perfect songs. As an Oldplayer, I’m so very grateful for this album despite some of its obvious flaws. I look forward to seeing how it charts and how critics receive it.




[spoiler=My Current Album Ranking]


Note - As a Coldplay fan, I virtually like everything they put out, so objectively these scores are very inflated. I give a lot of 10/10's to imperfect tracks that give me good feels (Yellow, Shiver, Green Eyes, Politik, Square One, Til Kingdom Come, much of Viva, HLH, Midnight, Birds etc.)


1. AROBTTH - 9.6/10

2. Death And All Of His Friends– 9.5/10

3. Parachutes – 9/10

4. Everyday Life - 9/10

5. X&Y – 8.8/10

6. MX – 8.3/10

7. GS – 8/10

8. AHFOD – 8/10




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Ok, I totally did not expect this, I thought it wouldn't be possible to connect with a Coldplay album after the last couple of albums, especially the last one. I didn't even buy a physical copy of AHFOD, just a few songs on itunes. Everyday Life -> preordered!


The intro is so breathtaking.

Is it me, or am I not seeing that much love for Church? I like it very much. Even though the production is much more smooth. The music and the hopeful vibe reminds me a lot of the song Save Me from Gotye, which is a big favourite. I think the production works well, not overdone and I dislike a lot of production from MX/GS/AHFOD.

A little getting used to Broken, but it's happy and uplifting gospel, very nice. Also needed to listen a few times to When I need a friend, but the emotion/singing is so intense, it does grab me. The piano part on Bani adam is something I've been hoping for since Postcards from far away. Beautiful!

Trouble in town: Amazing.. but that agressive movie sample or whatever it is.. it's too harsh and it breaks up the song. Wish they left it out. I really hope they have completely left it out on the non-explicit version! On Arabesque the swearing at the end is perfect, it's the exact emotion you want there to just grab you.

Daddy: slow and beautiful! And the only other long song with Arabesque. Eko and Arabesque are my other favourites.

Guns and champion of the world, great too. So many things going on, on this album, it keeps me wanting to listen to it over and over. It's not exactly an album album like Viva, where everything just fits and flows prefectly, but that's fine. It's diverse and interesting, much more real and raw than their 3 albums before this one. It's also a perfect autumn/winter album : )

I'm excited for the Jordan concert, I hope they are going to do some special things.


This whole ranking thing: I dont get it. In my opinion an album needs it's time to find it's place. And when you've been listening to an album for over 10 years, its like a 'musical relationship'. Rush, Parachutes, Viva and X&Y are special to me, they were there in certain times, bring back memories. No new album, even if I'm absolutely over the moon by it, can just sit next to one of those albums that I've been listening to for all those years and years.

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This album feels like U2 : Rattle and Hum, pieces recorded from all around the world, while on tour, etc...

I thought also a lot about The White Album with many different styles, little songs, great tracks...

Daddy makes me cry EVERY time.

Church has the same basic track as Everyday Life.

I love this album.

And it's only the beginning...

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This is my first post since 2011. I was a huge fan of the band from 2003-2013. I saw them live in 2005 and 2009 so I'd consider myself an "Oldplayer."


I came back because I was so happy to hear this album. I did like MX a lot but I didn't love it like their first four albums. I was very disappointed in their last two albums and kind of stopped listening to the band for a long time.


I am so happy to be back. I don't think there is one song that I dislike on this album. There are snippets in some that I think could have been left out but the whole album is pleasant from beginning to end. My order goes like this:


1. Arabesque

2. Cry Cry Cry

3. Champion of the World

4. Everyday Life

5. Orphans

6. Daddy

7. When I Need A Friend

8 . Old Friends

9. Church

10. Guns

11. Trouble in Town

12. Eko

13. BrokEn

14. Sunrise

15. Bani Adam



I'm sure this may change around since this is after 5 or 6 listens. I only put the instrumentals last on the list because while great songs, I don't really listen to them very often. I tend to order songs based on how much I think I will listen to them. I also love to sing so I base order based on how much I like to sing them. I listen to those more often too.

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[ATTACH type=full" alt="9669]9669[/ATTACH]


[ATTACH type=full" alt="9670]9670[/ATTACH]


[ATTACH type=full" alt="9671]9671[/ATTACH]




View: https://twitter.com/thierry_hhh/status/1195446223907491844



Warner Music send a mail to some people regarding a Coldplay one-off show at the National History Museum on Dec 10, looks like ColdplayXtra spread the word and then deleted the tweet.


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